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Black Chuck

Black Chuck

Current price: $14.95
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2018
Orca Book Publishers


Psycho. Sick. Dangerous. R al Dufresne's reputation precedes him.

When the mangled body of his best friend, Shaun, turns up in a field just east of town, tough-as-hell R al blames himself. But except for the nightmares, all R remembers is beating the living crap out of Shaun the night of his death. Shaun's girlfriend, sixteen-year-old Evie Hawley, keeps her feelings locked up tight. But now she's pregnant, and the father of her baby is dead. And when R al looks to her to atone for his sins, everything goes sideways. Fast.

The tighter Evie and R al get, the faster things seem to fall apart. And falling in love might just be the card that knocks the whole house down.