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Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Trump

Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Trump

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Publication Date: September 28th, 2018
Palgrave MacMillan
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1. Introduction: The Departure of Michelle Obama from the White House and the Need for Black Feminism.- 2. A History of Black American Feminism.- 3. Black Women's Relationships with Party Politics.- 4. The '90s in Context: A History of Black Women in American Politics.- 5. Doubting the Democrats: Current Disenchantment and Political Futures.- 6. The State of Black Women in Politics under the First Black President.- 7. Your President is (a) White (Supremacist): Post Obama and Black Feminist Politics.- 8. Conclusion: Reclaiming our Time: Black Feminist Politics in the Trump Era.

About the Author

Duchess Harris is Professor and Chair of American Studies at Macalester College, USA.